The Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design

CAFTCAD began from a collective desire to bring together costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. Through shared interest, respect and passion for the costume arts, CAFTCAD provides its members with an online and physical forum, promoting open discussion, shared learning, resources and professional networking.

Promotion of our members profiles, achievements and projects are just some of CAFTCAD’s many goals. Educational seminars, speaker series, industry product information, events and related promotions from our suppliers play an active role in creative and professional development. Focus is also placed on increasing both public and media awareness of our craft.

From our honorary members to emerging students of costume, we embrace the full spectrum of experience and knowledge embodied by our membership. We celebrate the contributions of Canadian costume designers and artisans in the international industry of filmmaking.

With support from the fashion industry that includes suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and fashion designers combined with the film industry’s unions, guilds, suppliers and retailers, our goal is to establish branding recognition of our organization, its members, their talent and services available within Canada.

As we continue to combine the forces of local costume professionals we also have plans to expand beyond our province’s borders. Our intent is to evolve into a nationwide association, establishing local chapters in every film centre in the country, providing a national organization for all Canadian costume professionals.

CAFTCAD was incorporated as a non-profit organization May 2nd, 2008. We have established by-laws and a constitution, criteria, levels of membership and a structured election process. Our Executive Board is made up of all three sectors of our industry, providing a clear, non-partisan membership-driven vision of the Alliance’s mandate and goals.

Membership Categories Include:

- Honorary
- Costume Designer
- Assistant Costume Designer
- Stylist
- Professional Member
- Affiliate
- Business
- Institute
- Corporate
- Satellite
- Student

Mission Statement

Our goal is to enrich our community with a national organization that is inclusive of experience and talent.

CAFTCAD is not a union, but a professional association of individuals interested in promoting Costume Design for film, television & media from both an artistic and technical perspective.

The Alliance will provide an open forum for discussion, networking and shared learning for our members through periodic seminars, workshops and exhibits.

We will explore the areas of individual design approach, illustration and advancements in film technologies.  We will celebrate the richness of historic and contemporary fashion and its relationship to our craft.

Our vision is to increase awareness and the value of costume art and design as a powerful element in the collaborative process of filmmaking; furthering  international recognition of the creative talent we have in Canada.

Some of the Alliance’s initiatives include:


A published newsletter featuring current projects and biographies of our members, as well as important and relevant industry news. It is distributed to members and industry.

CAFTCAD Celebrates Costumes

Our annual Toronto International Film Festival reception is a night of showcasing the talents of our memberships work to the film industry at large.


Our ongoing educational initiative – encompassing seminars, workshops and keynote speakers. Driven towards developing an awareness and skill base for students and industry professionals.


A formal series of talks given by leading professionals in the costume industry, it is an enlightening opportunity to listen to industry pioneers.

Movie Wardrobe Sale (MWS)

Our bi-annual sale open to the public, hosts over 30 vendors in one space, and is visited by over 1000 people. This sale has grown exponentially to include retailers, wholesalers, industry rental houses, vintage and contemporary fashion and various film and television productions.

Studio Services

Through developing strong relationships with suppliers and retailers, this initiative provides our members with a universal sign-out policy with select retailers.

CAFTCAD’s Resource Library

A reference library of over 1500 books and magazines relating to costume history, fashion and more. The library is open to CAFTCAD members and the general public by donation.