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Milestones Speaker Series

The Milestones Speaker Series is an informative CAFTCAD initiative, giving its members and the public an opportunity to listen to and be enlightened by industry pioneers. The talk provides unique insight into each Costume Designer’s personal approach to the craft as they share their stories about their life, career and creative process.

Milestones Speaker Series was first introduced on April 9th, 2010 with a talk from acclaimed Costume Designer Monique Prudhomme. Since then CAFTCAD has hosted Costume Designers Julie Weiss and April Ferry.

The Milestones Speaker Series Presents: An Evening with Wendy Chuck

Join us Saturday, March 5th for evening with award winning Costume Designer, Wendy Chuck. Wendy has designed such films as Spotlight, Tammy, Nebraska, The Descendants, Twilight, Sideways, Election, and Varsity Blues.

The evening will take place at Studio Carlaw
276 Carlaw avenue, suite 223
7pm – 9pm

$20 for CAFTCAD members and students
$25 for non-members
Tickets for the event are available online here

The Milestones Speaker Series Presents: An Evening with April Ferry

Saturday January 12th 2013, Camera
Charismatic and candid, Oscar nominated April Ferry discussed her 30-year career and the steps in her life that got her there. From a housewife and mother of three, April Ferry got her introduction into the costume world by working on the acclaimed Sonny and Cher Show. From there she worked as a Costume Supervisor for 17 years before she finally started to design.

She has worked on Donnie Darko, Big Trouble in Little China, Maverick and more recently The Edge of Love and Robocop. Her stories spanned from how she designed costumes for each project, to working with Chucky and her love of travel and the projects that took her there, including the momentous Rome – The Series.


The Milestones Speaker Series Presents: An Evening with Julie Weiss

Saturday January 12th 2012, TIFF Bell Lightbox
This was a truly amazing night with Oscar nominated Costume Designer and artist Julie Weiss. Her 30 year career with over 50 feature films to her credit kept her stories varied and flowing and the audience endlessly entertained. She also discussed her process of making, and the beauty of seeing costumes come to life on screen. This Emmy-award winning designer has worked on acclaimed films such as: Hitchcock, Frida, American Beauty, 12 Monkeys, The Ring, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


The Milestones Speaker Series Presents: An Evening with Monique Prudhomme

Friday April 9th 2010, Toronto Film Studios
With a career spanning over 30 years this Montreal born local shared insights into the various stages of her work as a Costume Designer. Monique was thrown quite quickly into designing and was forced to learn the trade at breakneck speed. With a myriad of projects under her belt she remarked on how every indie or fantasy project offered something unique and interesting. An Oscar nominated Costume Designer, Monique is a graceful and humble storyteller. Her achievements include such films as: Bates Motel (TV series), Underworld: Awakening, Juno, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

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