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2017 Movie Wardrobe Sale Vendors application here

Movie Wardrobe Sale

CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale (MWS) began in June 2008. It currently hosts over 30 vendors selling a range of items from contemporary & vintage clothing and accessories used in local film and television productions, new clothing, handcrafted goods, deadstock, samples, wardrobe supplies and more!

  • $5 Admission
  • Free for Members, Children and Seniors.
  • There is an ABM on site as most vendors accept cash only. Bring your own bags.

To see photographs of previous CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sales click here

MWS General info

We are delighted to announce that our Spring 2017 Movie Wardrobe Sale will be happening on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April at Cinespace Film Studios, 30 Booth Avenue, Toronto, supported by The Strain.

 Vendor Guidelines and Policies

1. Booth fees are set within the accompanying registration form. This fee is for the bare space only. Please select the quantity and size(s) you need.
2. Tables, chairs and racks are rented separately. See attached registration. Please ensure you have ordered sufficiently, as there will be no extras available on the day.
3. Vendors are to collect and pay their own sales tax.
4. Preferred payment methods are credit card and e-transfer, instructions will be in your emailed invoice. For payment by other means contact after completing your application form.
5. There are no refunds once your registration has been accepted.

Guidelines / Policies:
1. Registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis.
2. Deadlines for booth registration are dependent on the sale date. Please check the registration form for the deadline for each sale. Registration and payment must be received by CAFTCAD by email on this date. An invoice will be generated and sent to you if your application is successful. Preferred payment methods are credit card and e-transfer, instructions will be in your invoice. Payment by other means can be arranged by contacting
3. CAFTCAD reserves the right to deny any registration for any reason. Any monies will be returned to you in this event.
4. You may begin setting up no earlier than 3PM until 8PM on the Friday prior to the event. Vendor access only will commence at 8AM on each day. All booths must be ready to go at 9AM.
5. Booths must be manned at all times during the sale. The safety of your items is your responsibility. CAFTCAD does not have insurance to cover theft or damage; therefore, each vendor accepts his or her own responsibility for loss.
6. Booths should be kept neat and orderly at all times. It is proven that an attractive booth means more money in your pocket.
7. Booth tear down will commence at closing. The space must be vacated of all personal items by 8PM sharp on the last day of your booth booking. Please ensure you have ample labour for an efficient and timely wrap out.
8. A late fee of $100.00 will be levied for any vendor not vacated by the above teardown deadline time.
9. Each vendor is responsible for his/her own garbage disposal at the end of the day and must leave the space empty of all unwanted items or trash. A $50.00 fee will be applied if any garbage is left at the end of sale.
10. All rented items shall be returned in the same condition as they were rented; any damages are the responsibility of the renter.


Visitor Information

What is for sale?
Anything wardrobe related including clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags, kit items, wardrobe supplies. Fabric, notions, custom designed clothing, hats etc.

Why is there an entrance fee?
CAFTCAD is a non-profit organization in its infancy. We are taking out liability insurance for the event, which is a substantial cost. Door fees help to cover this expense.

We hope this answers some of the question you may have. Anything else? Email us at

Vendor Information

What can I sell?
Anything wardrobe related including clothing, samples, end of season stock, accessories, jewellery, shoes, bags, kit items, wardrobe supplies, fabric, notions, custom designed clothing, hats etc. Personal items can be sold in conjunction with wardrobe, but we would like to avoid a booth completely stocked with your garage sale items.

Is there going to be electricity available for my booth?
There is limited electricity available in the space. If you are in critical need of electricity, please bring it to our attention and bring extension cords (50 ft. minimum) in order to connect. We cannot guarantee electricity to every vendor. Please indicate any special electrical needs either with registration or an email. We will endeavour to address your needs.

Why is there an entrance fee?
CAFTCAD is a non-profit volunteer organization, which relies on its initiatives for fundraising. Besides the space, we take out liability insurance for the event and hire security staff. Door fees help to cover these and other expenses. We also donate a portion of the door fees to the Actors Fund of Canada

Why the split in pricing?
As a member of CAFTCAD you will be able to save on all aspects of costs with any event we hold including the Movie Wardrobe Sale. Consider joining CAFTCAD in order to secure membership discounts. Non-members pay the standard retail costs for their space and fixtures.

Can I use my own racks?
Yes. You can use your own racks, tables & chairs or, alternatively for your convenience, we can provide these to you at a small rental fee. See registration for pricing.

Will there be security at the show?
CAFTCAD representatives will be present during listed set up/tear down times. There will be no access to the space at any other time as it will be locked. Added paid security will be on hand on the day of the show.

Are there any other hidden costs?
No, there are no further costs once you have paid for space and rental items. There will be no ‘cut’ of your earnings.

Will there be an ABM on site?

Will there be food vendors?
Yes CAFTCAD has arranged for a food vendor to sell both hot and cold food, coffee, tea and other refreshments to keep shoppers happy and fed.

We hope this answers some of the question you may have. Anything else? Email us at