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Advertising and Sponsorship

We provide sponsorship opportunities on our website and at different CAFTCAD events. For more information regarding sponsorship please contact:

Advertising opportunities are given to businesses and other corporate bodies in every issue of Bespoke. For more information on advertising and rates please contact:

Contributors and Volunteers

Volunteering provides a great opportunity to network with our various members and professionals in the film, television and media industries. It is a great way for students and people who are new to the industry to build on their career. We offer many volunteer opportunities through events including our Toronto Film Festival Annual Reception, Movie Wardrobe Sales and other annual events. To volunteer, please introduce yourself, with your CV or a brief description to:

CAFTCAD is always looking for engaging contributors for our Bespoke newsletter. We are looking for writers and photographers. Please introduce yourself with a CV, and samples of your work to: