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Alex Kavanagh


Alex Kavanagh is a founding member of CAFTCAD and has been involved in dozens of CAFTCAD initiatives including the annual Film Festival party, the Movie Wardrobe Sale, CAFTCADEMY, Milestones Speaker Series, 10th Anniversary Costume Exhibit, From Concept to Creation: An exhibition of Canadian Costume Art and Design, and the first annual CAFTCAD Awards. She has developed and taught several CAFTCAD workshops including the manual script breakdown seminar and the popular 2 day "The Art of Destruction" costume breakdown course. Alex loves the opportunity to share her knowledge and skills while also meeting new talent through CAFTCAD.

Alex is a Costume Designer, Costume Supervisor, and Costume Breakdown Artist for film and television. A graduate of the Dalhousie Costume Studies program, Alex has worked her way through the entire costume department first working as a stitcher and assistant, then set supervisor before becoming a designer herself. Always hands on, Alex has worked on every type of production from horror films like Saw II, Ginger Snaps III, George A Romero’s Land of the Dead, to comedy series Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town, dramatic feature The Vow, sci-fi thriller Splice, and kid’s TV movie How to Build a Better Boy to name a few. Alex feels lucky to have been mentored by talented costumers and designers and endeavours to pass it on by training in new costumers through her work at CAFTCAD.