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Alex Kavanagh


Alex Kavanagh is a founding member of CAFTCAD and has been involved in dozens of CAFTCAD initiatives including the annual Film Festival party, the Movie Wardrobe Sale, CAFTCADEMY, and Milestones. She has developed and taught several CAFTCAD workshops including the manual script breakdown seminar and the popular 2 day "The Art of Destruction" costume breakdown course. Alex loves the opportunity to share her knowledge and skills while also meeting new talent through CAFTCAD.

 Alex has been working in the film industry for 25 years as Costume Designer (The Vow, Splice, Saw II),  Costume Supervisor (Suicide Squad, The Strain), Breakdown Artist (Crimson Peak, Man Seeking Woman), and spent her early years as a set key (Due South, FX The Series). She is a graduate of the Dalhousie University Costume Studies program.