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Rafaella Rabinovich

executive board member

Rafaella Rabinovich is an internationally trained costume designer. Growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel-Canadian born Rabinovich moved to British Colombia after attending Rakefet Levy Design School of the Performing Arts, receiving her BA in Costume and Set Design going on to advanced training in theatrical prosthetic at German Kryolan Academy in Berlin, advanced pattern making at Canadian Pacific Academy in Victoria and shoemaking at Israeli Guild of Design. Working across all mediums of screen and stage, including two shows with Cirque Du Soleil, and internationally in South America and Europe. 

Designing for ABC, TBS, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Disney, Netflix, Awesomeness Film and more In 2018, she has received a Daytime Emmy Nomination for her work on Project MC2 and a Leo Award for her work on Final Vision.

She has been nominated for two CAFTCAD awards in 2019 for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Final Vision.