Executive Board Richard Crossman


Richard crossman


An actor and performer for nearly 60 years, Richard has also taught at secondary and post secondary levels and owned a number of businesses including Rycar Catering, Kelly-Francis Costumes and Richard Crossman Enterprises.  He has nearly 30 years experience as a professional costume designer and many more years as a cutter and stitcher. 

Richard has 20 plus years of professional book-keeping experience and has been general manager of an education and entertainment company, and corporate bakery manager. He has dealt with full- and part-time employees as well as contractors so has a fair knowledge of payroll and tax regulations.  Both owning and managing businesses have given him a great insight into all aspects of corporate finance – operations, payroll, customer and client service and much more.

Away from business interests, Richard is a keyboard musician, operatic tenor and choral conductor.