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  • Our membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st

  • Half year membership begins on December 1st and applies to Professional, Costume Industry Support, Business and Student memberships only.

  • Applications are processed once a week

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Please note that the CAFTCAD Membership year runs from June to May. Half year membership applies to Professional, Student and Costume Industry Support and Business memberships only. Refer to membership criteria below. Please check off one of the following that describes your membership level.
Member Category Listing (for website)
If you have signed up as a Professional Member there is no limit to the number of categories you can be listed under on this website providing you have the specified number of credits for each category (see below).
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Privacy Policy
Can we share your email or mailing address with specific, CAFTCAD-approved businesses to send you special offers and invitations?

Membership criteria

Individuals must complete the application form to join CAFTCAD.  Applications will be reviewed and applicants should be prepared to provide further details on request.  All named category applicants should supply further details (see below) to be included in these categories.

– Current resume, portfolio and demo reel if possible.
– Three credits as a Costume Designer on feature films, M.O.W’s, docudramas or series within the last five years.
– Four professional references from costume designers, producers, directors, production designers or production managers.

– Current resume.
– Three credits as an Assistant Costume Designer on feature films, M.O.W’s, docudramas or series within the last five years.
– Four professional references. At least one from a costume designer and three from either costume designers, producers, directors, production designers or production managers.

– Current resume, portfolio and if possible, demo reel.
– Eight credits as a Stylist on commercials, music videos, or print with the last five years.
– Four professional references from producers, directors, photographers or art directors.

– Current resume.
– Include any credits on either feature films, M.O.W’s, docudramas or series and professional references.

Join Us As A Volunteer
Volunteering provides a great opportunity to network with our various members and professionals in the film, television and media industries. It is a great way for students and people who are new to the industry to build on their career. We offer many volunteer opportunities through events including our Toronto Film Festival Annual Reception, Movie Wardrobe Sales and other annual events. To volunteer, please introduce yourself, with your resume or a brief description to:



Levels of Membership

Are entitled to participate in all programs, meetings, events and services. These include the following:

Costume Designer, Assistant Designer & Stylist.

Costumers who are working individuals within the industry. For example: costume supervisor, cutter, sewer, illustrator, wardrobe assistant, shopper, breakdown, set supervisor, truck supervisor, etc.

This category is for those members who are interested in the areas related to the costume field but do not work directly in costume for film/television productions. Affiliate Members are entitled to the same member benefits as all other members. Please note: If you are promoting a business, product or services, you MUST register as a Business or Costume Industry Support member.

Businesses who are directly related and solely supported by the costume industry such as costume rental houses and costume specific support services.

Individuals appointed for their extraordinary and exemplary service to the field.

Companies with special costume related interests.

Individuals enrolled in full-time, recognized institutions with an interest in the costumes arts.

Professionals that work in the industry who live outside of the Greater Toronto Area. 

Corporate sponsorship is available for companies that wish to support CAFTCAD whether for a specific event or annually. Information is available upon request.




How do I join CAFTCAD?
Please read General Information for joining and complete the Membership Application Form above.

How much does membership cost?
Membership prices are as follows (not inclusive of HST):
Professional - $200 per year
Student - $75 per year
Satellite  - $50 per year
Costume Industry Support/Business - $300 per year

I’m a student interested in Costume Design as a potential profession. How can CAFTCAD help me?
As a Student Member of CAFTCAD you are entitled to discounts to our CAFTCADEMY and other seminar packages. You will meet successful professionals working in the field; can volunteer on association initiatives in order to gain educational hours; discover the costume resources in your city; and get on the radar for those who are looking for volunteers to work on film projects.
We look forward to having you graduate from a Student Member to a Named Category one day.

I would like to join CAFTCAD but do not have enough credits within the time allotted for the category I’m interested in. Can I still join?
Of course! As you work towards the credits of your chosen category, you can join us as a Professional Member. When you receive the credits for your chosen category, simply email us your updated resume. Please note we may ask for references.

Can CAFTCAD help me negotiate my rates on a job?
CAFTCAD is not a trade union and does not negotiate rates. Conversations and suggestions between members are of course encouraged.

What is a Named Category?
Named Categories are those, which are named: Costume Designer, Stylist, Assistant Designer, Honorary and Professional Member. The Professional Member Category it is broken down to specific costume specialties: Set Supervisor, Specialty Costume Maker, Cutter, Dyer, Shopper, etc. Affiliate Member is not a Named Category.

How many categories can I be listed in?
As a Named Category Member you can be listed in as many categories as you have credits for  (please see membership criteria above).

I have a business, but I also work as a Named Category, can I list both of these on the website?
Named and Professional Members who own and operate companies (Business Membership) can list their company at discount of 40%.

How are Honorary Members Selected?
Qualifying professionals are presented to the board and chosen for their extraordinary and exemplary service to the field. We wish to celebrate the contributions of Canadians to Costume Design in film and television.
If you have a suggestion of potential Honorary members, please contacts us at: