wHAT IS caftcademy?

CAFTCADEMY is the collective of all courses and training offered by CAFTCAD.  As part of our mission as an organisation, we aim to enhance the community of costume artists and designers in Canada, including both our members and the wider costume arts community.

Courses offered by CAFTCAD range from CAFTCADEMY 101, a full weekend course for those new to the industry, providing detail on each role within the costume department in film and television, to master's classes that teach participants advanced costume skills they can apply when working on a production.

Some of the past courses that CAFTCAD has held are as follows:

  • Costume Breakdown: The Art of Destruction
  • Instagram for Costume Professionals
  • Script Breakdown
  • Costume illustration 
  • Photoshop 
  • Embroidery 101 and 102
  • Budget breakdown

To view photos of some of our past courses visit our events gallery.

 To find out more about the courses that are coming up visit our events calendar.

If you have any specific questions about courses we have run or a course that you would like us to offer, send us an email to